2009 News

November 2009
Explico arranged and held a lecture at a Norwegian Night at the Explorers Club on November 12th, with a follow up in the Norwegian Seamen’s Church on November 13th. Sturla Ellingvåg was one of the three lectures of the night, presenting the results from our Canary Islands and Easter Island expeditions.

October 2009
The DNA from a native Royal lineage on the Canary Island La Gomera has been analyzed at the National Geographic Society, proving a connection most likely to Basque, Western Iberia or Celtic origins.

September 2009
Explico announces plans for 2009 and 2010 on this website. Sturla Ellingvåg will hold a presentation at the Explorers Club on November 12th in New York. And the expedition in search for the origin of Columbus is in planning.

May 2009
We have started on Part II of Project Guanche on the Canary Islands, currently involving investigating the DNA from a Guanche Royal descendant on La Gomera.

February 2009
The results from the Easter Island Expedition are in, proving South American origin for parts of the Easter Island population through genomic HLA typing. This research indicates strongly that some of the original Easter Island inhabitants some how migrated to the island from the east, from South America, and not only from Polynesia in the west, which has been the official story of Easter Island immigration. The research report by professor Erik Thorsby can be read here. We express our very special thanks to Sonia Hauoa with family and Ximena Trengove for aiding us with our research work in 2008.