2010 News

December 2010
As a Chapter Chair of Explorers Club’s Norway Chapter, Sturla Ellinvåg enjoyed a great Christmas dinner and reunion of Explorers club members and friends in Scandinavia, with Moods of Norwayand Uhrweder also attending for a show of support. It’s the first time in several years this many Scandinavian explorers gathered together under a single roof, in what turned out to be a great evening.

December 2010
Also, the search for ROLLO is back on track after some desert wandering inside the French bureaucracy in November and December. We now hope to be able to perform our analysis by September 2011. Project BLACK SEA is still moving forward in a steady pace.

November 2010
As leader of the Explico Expedtition Team, Sturla has portrayed the Explico adventures in a series of lectures in Norway this fall, telling tales and showing pictures (and film) from the Easter Island, Morocco, the Black Sea shore, the Canary Islands and more. This is a follow up to the lectures in New York a year ago.

August 2010
This fall Explico is focusing mainly on Project ROLLO and on Project BLACK SEA.

May 2010
Explico is currently in the labs as part of our expedition to the ancient Greeks still living on the Black Sea shore. This work will continue througout 2010.

April 2010
Uncovering the roots of perhaps the greatest Viking of them all, Rollo, is well underway and looks to correspond with the planned 1100 year anniversary taking place in Norway in September 2011. The project is also endorsed by the mayors of Ålesund and Giske in Norway and professors are involved at universities in Oslo, Trondheim and Normandy. So now it remains to see if we will be able to find out more about Rollo and especially what is possible to uncover about the great Viking chieftain Rollo.

January 2010
In 2010 Explico is aiming for projects in the Caribbean, the Black Sea and Normandy, France and many more places!