2011 News

December 2011
Our 2012 expeditions are ready up until August. They will go to Greece (Alexander the Great), Spain (Visigothic graveyard), Ukraine (traces of first Human settlement), Normandy (Rollo) and Sicily (Norman kings).

November 2011
This month our Easter Island project aired on the National Geographic Channel in their expedition week, courtesy of Wild Life Productions.

Lost Continent of the Pacific DVD-R

October 2011
The October trip to the Dominican Republic as part of the Project Columbus went very well. We expect to be able to find more out about Christopher Columbus’ heritage  within the nexdt 6 months. 

June 2011
We will soon launch our coming projects for 2011/2012, which involves searching for the DNA profiles of specific historical persons: The Norman kings of Italy, a Norwegian princess in Spain, the Columbus project part II, and Alexander the Great. And also some brand new grave mound projects in Norway and on the Rus in Russia.

June 2011
This week we underwent a trip together with professor Per Holck to Rouen and Fécamp in order to make sure we will be able to open the tomb in Fécamp and retrieve DNA from Richard I and Richard II. First of all: All indications show that it is the actual remains of Richard I and Richard II in the tomb. This has caused some anticipation with us and we are now glad, as we say in Norway, to continue. All our meetings went very well! A representative from the Norwegian embassy in Paris was also present to help in our progress. This has now become a joint French-Norwegian cultural project involving many parties, all both positive and eager to find out more about Rollo and his descendants.

May 2011
This spring Explico has focused it’s work primarily on project ROLLO and project BLACK SEA. The first results from both projects are expected by early fall this year.

January 2011
HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Explico Expedition Team!! We have started 2011 by travelling to Turkey searching for Kelts (descendants of Celtic tribes in Anatolia) in isolated places. There are not many links on the internet regarding this, but here is an article article in the New York Times for those who are interested to know where in the Anatolian region we are (In short it’s all about the Dying Gaul, King Midas, the Gordion Knot and of course the Greeks).