Explico Historical Research Foundation started up in the winter of 2005/2006 when I was first given the opportunity to travel to the Canary Islands to collect genetic material for analysing. At that time, I was searching for connections between the mysterious and very few Guanche descendants living mainly on Tenerife and La Gomera.

When Norwegian investors Fred. Olsen and Christen Sveaas agreed to sponsor expeditions in the following two years, we were able to both plan and undertake several exciting projects, forming the great adventure group called the Explico Expedition Team in the process. Along the way we started up minor collaborating projects with the National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project and with several historians and archaeologists both in Scandinavia and in other countries.

The Explico Expedition Team has this far ventured on expeditions to Italy, Spain (incl. the Canary Islands), France, Morocco, Ukraine, Russia, Ireland, Norway, the Caribbean, the Easter Island, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Follow us on this website for further updates on exciting projects in the future.

Sturla EllingvÄg
Founder of the Explico Historical Research Foundation