2012 News

November 2012
We are currently planning our goals and projects for 2013. They include DNA collections in the Caucasus mountains, the opening of graves in Normandy (Rollo) and Italy (Hauteville family), and more research done on our projects on the Black Sea shore, the Easter Island, the search for the lost Greenland Vikings and their settlements in America, and several interesting projects in Spain.

October 2012
We are honoured to have professor Per Holck at the Oslo University come aboard on our Explico Special Advisory Board.

September 2012
Explico held a series of lectures aboard the ship The World while the famous ship cruised from Nuuk on Greenland to Quebec, Canada.

August 2012
Explico Historical Research Foundation is expanding. We are proud to welcome internet pioneer Håkon Wium Lie on our Special Advisory Board. He will be a great addition to Explico.

May 2012
Professor Eske Willerslev at the world famous Geogentics lab at the University of Copenhagen has come aboard on our Special Advisory Board.

April 2012
Here is an update on our Rollo project: After a long awaited meeting with the French Cultural Department in Paris, we have received confirmation to go on with the project but we are looking still at some more months of processing.

March 2012
Fundraising in the USA has gone very well and will continue throughout 2012.

February 2012
Sturla Ellingvåg held a lecture at the Centre for Geogenetics about our DNA project on The Easter Island. The scientists at this faculty and lab, supervised by professor Eske Willerslev, are world famous for their fascinating DNA research projects. We are looking forward to working closer with them in the future.

January 2012
In search for more Norman DNA, Explico travelled to Palermo and Basilicata in Italy in an attempt to establish a collaboration with local researchers on a new project. This research project focuses on the famous Tancred of Hauteville and his 9 sons who went from Normandy to Italy in the 11th century as mercenaries, and who established the two kingdoms of Sicily and Apulia.