Kazakhstan Expedition 2015!

Our Explico Expedition Team travelled earlier in 2015 to Kazakhstan to venture on one of our most exciting expeditions to date. We are searching for the homeland of all the Indo-European peoples in a huge collaboration project involving 10 institutions: 3 universities, 2 institutes and 1 museum in Kazakhstan, and 2 universities, 1 museum and the Explico Foundation in Scandinavia. The DNA samples collected from a large number og ancient skeleton material (mostly Scythian), including some DNA samples from horses, are now in the DNA laboratory in Copenhagen for analysis.


Our main goal is to use DNA analysis on the rich Kurgan grave material in many places around Kazakhstan in order to search for the Urheimat of our Indo-European ancestors.

cultural minister
Bettina Heyerdahl and Sturla Ellingvåg with the
Minister of Culture of Kazakhstan at the Norwegian Embassy in Astana.

The Expedition team at work in Pavlodar
together with some great scientists.