“EXPLICO is using new technologies like DNA to expand our human knowledge about our history and time”

Explico has:

– Successfully conducted research on the Easter Island, proving Native American admixture into the Easter Island population dating to AD 1280–1495. This research proves that some of the original Easter Island inhabitants originates from the east, from America, and not only from Polynesia in the west, which has been the official story of Easter Island population. The latest publication can be viewed here, published October 23, 2014.

– On the Canary Islands contributed to the understanding of how the Canary Islands were originally settled and by whom (Pereira et al: Population expansion in the North African Late Pleistoscene signalled by mitochondrial DNA haplogroup U6. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2010 10:390). Also, DNA from a Royal Native lineage on the Canary Island La Gomera proves a connection most likely with the Basque, North Portugal or a British ‘Celtic’ connection.

– In the Caucasus we have collected DNA samples from both living populations and ancient skeleton remains in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Chechnya. These DNA samples are now being analyzed at the Centre for Geogenetics at the University of Copenhagen.

– In Normandy, in our search for famous historical figures, closed in the lead on the patriach of William the Conqueror, the great Viking giant Rollo, in order to solve a close to thousand  year old riddle about his origin. To be continued..

– In the Ukraine on Crimea and the Black Sea coast of Azov our successful 2006 expedition work is now continued in the labs, hopefully providing us with new vital knowledge on the ancient Greeks, who they were and whom today are most closely related to them.

– In the Caribbean we have worked hard on finding the DNA and especially the Y-chromosome lineage of Christopher Columbus’ heritage. This work now seems to have paid off, giving us the opportunity to make new revelations about one of the worlds greatest explorers.

– Established good contact and made all preparations ready for field work in Northern Africa. We are awaiting the neccesary permissions to continue our scientific work in the Atlas Mountains.

– Continued our work in the different fields of expertise involving new technologies and our constant search for new discoveries. We are currently involved in projects in the Caribbean, the Ukraine, in Peru, Russia, Spain, France, Turkey, on Greenland and in Scandinavia. The new technologies we continue to make use of are foremost DNA and the mapping of Human Migrations and Georadar instruments for discovering treasures underground.