Predictions for 2016

2016 is looking to be an exciting year for the Explico Foundation:

  • The long awaited Rollo project in Normandy, France is within reach of completion.
  • We have in 2015 contributed to gathering large collections of DNA material, mainly from ancient skeletons, in Kazakhstan and several countries in the Caucasus region. This DNA material is currently being analyzed at the famous Centre for Geogenetics in Copenhagen and we are looking forward to several important publications on the origin of the Indo-European peoples in the coming year.
  • Additional research on the Easter Island is soon to be published, which in part is based on our previous work.
  • The many exciting new revelations on our prehistory which were published in 2015 is currently opening many people’s eyes around the world. This especially concerns early European, Middle-Eastern and Central-Asian Human history and at the moment seem to connect the Iron Age with the Bronze Age and earlier history in new ways. The Explico Foundation will continue focusing on contributing to these exciting new developments. Our history books will soon have to be rewritten in more ways than one!
Bettina Heyerdahl and Sturla Ellingvåg at a UNESCO conference in Tel Aviv in December 2015.

Bettina Heyerdahl and Sturla Ellingvåg (not in photo) at a UNESCO conference on migrations in Human history in Tel Aviv in December 2015.